The SXM DO-Tank

The SXM Do-Tank will be organized 17 and 18 March 2018. The intention is to bring solutions to light and implement key rebuild activities together with key stakeholders on St. Maarten. The focus areas are derived from the National Recovery Plan (NRP).

The SXM Do-Tank will be designed as a sprint-like event (48 hours) in which multi-disciplinary groups create (out-of-the-box) solutions for a challenge. It provides an opportunity to build on basic humanitarian needs like self-expression and creativity. At the same time it offers the opportunity to use perspectives from different backgrounds and skills to solve challenges society is facing. Depending on the set-up of the Do-Tank it also creates broad support as different people and stakeholders collaborate and constructively think of ways to strengthen the future.

The initiative was launched by the COE as it is focused on facilitating sustainable development through inter-island knowledge exchange. Even though the basis for this initiative is St. Maarten’s National Recovery Plan, the intent is for it to be relevant to other SIDS. The SXM Do-Tank will serve as a kick-off for a more structural role of the COE in knowledge exchange around recovery and reconstruction, and for EY it is to start concrete actions with public and private sector partners to help St. Maarten and other affected islands in the region to flourish again and become more resilient.

For St. Maarten a Do-Tank was suggested for three reasons:

  1. To strengthen the collaboration between the most important stakeholders in the society of St. Maarten such as the government, the university, the chamber of commerce, utility companies, private sector and most of all: the people.

  2. Create out-of-the-box sustainable solutions for challenges and opportunities St. Maarten is facing after the hurricane and create an entrepreneurial spirit amongst the participants, mentors and judges.

  3. To use the Do-Tank as a first step in the sustainable development of St. Maarten. A Do-Tank is a tool in the bigger picture of St. Maarten to rebuild the island in a sustainable way. Do Tanks are known for their positive impact on challenges and are often used as a stepping stone in creating (reframed or new) economic pillars.

Other small island states will be asked to provide input to this process; and the outputs will be shared with other SIDS for their benefit as well.

The event will be inclusive and interactive, and focused on developing actionable insights for implementing ideas. The topics are:

  1. Sustainable Tourism

  2. Renewable Energy

  3. Entrepreneurship & Relearning

  4. NextGen & Youth Engagement

The chosen challenge will be created in collaboration with the local organizations and will be based on the BBB-concept. There also prizes, including $2500 for the winners!

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If you do not live in Sint Maarten, but would like to help in stakeholders in Sint Maarten build back better, then consider to join the trade mission in March.